“Must-know” steps to going viral on Twitter


There’s no way around it. In the last few years, Twitter has completely changed the way information is shared – and spread – online. Now, businesses are crossing their fingers and hoping their content gets re-tweeted among potential customers and others in their industry.

A recent article by Copyblogger outlined several different factors that can help when trying to spread your information on Twitter:

Timing is everything – Research has shown that Monday through Wednesday typically sees more re-tweeting than later in the week, like Thursday, Friday, and the weekend. The research also found that there’s a rapid increase in re-tweets between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Include a call to action – One of the most common calls to action used on Twitter is simple – “Please Re-tweet.” The article pointed out that using phrases like this one, as well as “Check it out,” or “Follow this person,” can help increase the number of times a post is re-tweeted.

Add value – Your content is much more likely to be re-tweeted if it’s helpful to the reader. Some of the most informative examples include breaking news, warnings, “how-to’s,” and contests.

Social proof WORKS –
The same study showed that each time a link is re-tweeted, the likelihood of it happening again increases dramatically. When posting, persuade your users to re-tweet content and you may find the benefits are tenfold.

To learn more about going viral on Twitter, read Copyblogger’s article titled, “5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter.”