Looking Forward: Website Design Predictions for 2011


Web 2.0 design standards are constantly evolving. So, what’s ahead in 2011? A recent ShutterVoice article explored what users can expect in the coming future:

  • Although many web designers and programmers have made the switch from flash to JavaScript, they’re now seeking out a more productive solution for animation, like CSS3 or HTML5. This will bring new features including advanced typography, 360-degree virtual resolution, and in-built transitions. Although these features are in their beginning stage, they’re likely to be adopted during 2011.
  • You’ll no longer find websites with their main page made entirely with flash animation. Instead, speed and simplicity are two of the most important aspects of a website – something that HTML5 can make happen.
  • Retro and magazine-like designs will increase in popularity, while notebook and column-like designs are quickly going out of style. Single-page designs, where users can scroll throughout the page to find what they’re looking for, are also becoming popular.
  • Websites will have less white space. While this used to be used to increase singularity, it’s now used as ad space so you’ll often find banners and ads where white space used to be.
  • Finally, many sites will feature simplistic designs so the page can load as fast as possible.

To read about even more design trends you can expect in 2011, check out ShutterVoice’s article titled Best Website Design Trends for 2011.