New! Bing search shows your friends’ Facebook likes


Using the Bing search engine just got a bit more interesting. Thanks to a new feature rollout, next time you search for a term, you’ll see a list of your Facebook friends who have liked each of the links.

This was the latest step in the partnership between Bing and Facebook that began last fall. In October, Bing first introduced “likes” in some people searches and queries. According to a Bing representative, the partnership aims to help users make better decisions by being more aware of their friends’ social activity. Facebook’s “like” button is featured on more than 2.5 million websites – and with this new partnership, it will likely begin to have a meaningful impact on results and rankings.

But, this isn’t the only search engine that’s beginning to use “social buzz” as part of their algorithm. Google recently launched an update that included integrating data from Quora, Flickr, and Twitter. It also has a pending deal that will include certain Facebook updates in its social search offering.

This poses the question – Just how powerful is this “push button” sharing? It’s very possible this could take the place of link building in the future as a dominant ranking factor.

Why? Because while search engines use links as “votes” and a way to gauge a website’s popularity, the social sharing elements such as “likes,” “tweets,” and other sharing buttons are much easier for individuals. Link building requires a knowledge of HTML, something that many normal users don’t have. Not to mention, social sharing is much more difficult to “out-smart” than some link-building techniques.

To learn more about the partnership between Bing and Facebook, check out Mashable’s article titled, “Bing Now Shows Your Friends’ Facebook Likes for All Search Results.”