New Google Places Bugs – 2012


If you own a business and conduct your emarketing via Google Places, you know how valuable that service can be. The visibility that Google Places affords a business owner is oftentimes crucial to the online success of a business.

Unfortunately, over the past few months problems have appeared with Google Places. At first, it appeared to involve problems with the Google Place page owners not being able to upload new photos. The photos would appear on the page owner’s control panel, but would not be visible to others looking at the listing. The problem seemed to be particularly frequent when the photos were coming from another (third-party) website.
Then, other problems began to appear. The same difficulty with page owners not being able to upload photos began to happen with other media as well. And it didn’t seem to make any difference where the photos or media were coming from—whether the source was a third-party website or the page owner’s own desktop.

Over the past several weeks, the problem seems to have expanded. Now, photos and other media that have been in place on Google Places pages occasionally disappears for no obvious reason, then reappears later. The issue doesn’t just concern new photos, but older photos and media that have been on the Google Places pages for years in some cases.

Most recently, the bug appears to be affecting not just photos and media, but other information on Google Places. Page owners have reported that reviews or other business-related information (like descriptions) is disappearing. Sometimes the information reappears and sometimes it doesn’t. Other times only a portion of the information reappears in the wrong sequence. There have been instances of the wrong information appearing alongside a Google map. One business owner even reported that an old comment about a previous company with the same phone number as his appeared in his listing, and he wasn’t able to remove it.

Obviously, the situation has gone from bad to worse. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your Google Places page, rest assured that you’re not alone. From what we understand, Google is working diligently to correct the problem, but they’re not there yet. And because the issues seem to have expanded over the past several weeks, it’s probably safe to assume that it may take a while for Google to fix the bug.

In the meantime, if you’re a Google Places page owner, we suggest holding off on making any major changes to your page(s) for the time being. After all, nothing is more frustrating than going to the time and effort to update and/or revise your photos, media and other information, only to have it not appear—or, even worse, appear in a jumbled fashion—to your viewing public. And if you experience problems, let Google know through one of their online help forums. At this point, the more information they have, the more ammunition they’ll be armed with to find a fix—and, hopefully, they’ll find one soon!

image via laihiu (Flickr)
Source from Google Places forum: Google Places Images and Other Bugs