Increase In Mobile Search

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Mobile Web Design & SEO

The predictions about mobile search are true, in the beginning of 2015, about 15% of Americans own a smartphone, by the beginning of 2016, nearly 50% of Americans will own a smartphone or tablet.

  • – Over 90% of people looking for a service or product look online
  • – About 30% of all shopping for retail goods is done on a mobile device
  • – About 50% of all searching for local services is done on a mobile device
  • – About 80% of people will click the first link in search results
  • – There is about a 500% difference between position #5 vs position #1 in Google
  • – The importance of having positive reviews has increased about 500% since 2011

Nature Of The Buying Decision Process

With the introduction of Social SEO and the importance of reviews in the buying decision, the psychological path people take in their heads before making the decision to buy has changed, especially since the introduction of mobile search and it’s dramatic rise in 2015.

Below is the nature of the buying decision process today

Hear About It

a. Radio
b. TV
c. Newspaper
d. Newsletter
e. Mail
f. Researching Related Things

Learn About It

a. What is it
b. What does it do
c. What are the common questions, side effects & myths
d. Thinks they should try it

Read Reviews

a. If other people did it
b. If other people said it was good
4. Buy It
a. Then I’m trying it

***Staying with people in this buying decision process throughout these few steps will keep you an industry leader in your field and maximize the amount of sales possible from online advertising.