Local SEO For Austin Businesses

Local search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your business listed organically in Google, Bing Yahoo and other search engines.

In order to do this, you must rank well in the local maps and in the organic search results.

Google Maps & Ranking Example (click to enlarge)

SEO Austin

Why does your business need local SEO?

Local SEO is crucial for today’s small businesses to thrive. Everyone knows your customers are going online first before they call you or come to visit, so if your business is not showing up under the keywords your customers are searching for, you might as well be out of business as far as they’re concerned.

In order to tap into this river of customers, you must rank well organically and in local maps. Dominating the search results can literally take a business that is about to go under and transform it into a market leader for their city and industry.

About 50% of all searches for local businesses are done using Google Maps

The Nuartisan local SEO Strategy

We think of your business’s website as the central hub in the SEO wheel. It is extremely important to have a well-optimized website when running a local SEO campaign. It’s easiest to think of it as your foundation, but even with a perfect website it will only affect about 15 percent of your ability to rank. Yes, that’s right! You could build the most perfectly optimized website and still never rank for any of the keywords you need to have your customers to find you!

The reason for this is simple–the other 85 percent of what affects where you rank is not even on your website! It’s everywhere else on the Internet where your business and your competitors are marketing. This is what you are truly paying for in an effective local SEO campaign: the offsite marketing we do and the actual SEO techniques needed to fully leverage it. It’s all about getting you and your business great rankings and more calls!

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the components of this so you can better understand what your business needs to be doing right now to succeed in your market.

First You Must Have a Local Maps Strategy

Step one is claiming your local business listing from Google. You will never rank well in the local maps without claiming and then optimizing this listing. This part is extremely tricky to set up properly, but without it you have very little chances of future success.

After huge amounts of testing and real-world campaigns, we have determined some of the biggest factors in the local maps algorithm. Using this research,we have put together our proprietary local maps ranking system to get our clients to the top! You are about to learn some of the most important factors to boosting the value of your Google Places account which, remember, is perhaps the biggest ranking factor in the maps algorithm.

Citations for your business: Your Virtual Thumb Print

Did you know that Google keeps track of your business by its name, phone number, and address? Much like a human thumb print?

  • – Business Name
  • – Phone Number
  • – Street Address
  • – City, State Zip Code

This is extremely important because if you do not have this consistently listed throughout your entire online presence, you are not getting credit for all the marketing you will be doing for your business! Imagine that your business is incorporated, and on your website your business reads as Business A. Well, if it appears on Citysearch as Business A Inc., then you will not get credit for that listing in the eyes of Google.

In a competitive market these types of errors will make it nearly impossible for your business to rank. Google will often create multiple listings of your business because it is confused about which one is the real business. In the example above, if Google saw that listing in Citysearch it might create an entirely new listing with the business name of Business A Inc in the maps algorithm. This means you just lost a ton of “rankability” for this new listing.

If Google is confused about your business, you can bet they will not be showing you as much to their valuable customers–the searchers!

The more places Google sees your business citation and the more valuable the website that has it, the more authority Google will pass on to your business! It is much like you asking around about a company before you do business with them.

If all of your friends know about them and have great things to say, wouldn’t you feel much better about using them?

Sound pretty easy? Unfortunately, if it was easy everyone would be doing it right?

The challenge with this is that Google often will filter many of the pages your citation is on because its value is too low, and the really valuable sites know they are authoritative and often don’t want to help promote you just to be generous.

This is where having the support of a business like Nuartisan, which knows where to go and what to do, can save you a ton of time and money!

Why Nuartisan for your local SEO campaign

Proven Result

The most important factor when selecting an SEO company is this: Have they been able to achieve great results for other local businesses? NuArtisan has been on the cutting edge of local SEO for over four years and has a great list of references you can call to make sure you are making the right choice.

What should you expect after you start local SEO Campaign

During the first month we will begin the onsite optimization phase in order to get your website optimized for our future offsite optimization efforts.

Month 2 will involve putting a heavy focus on the offsite portion of the campaign. This is when you’ll start to see your search rankings moving upwards.

Month 3 is typically when many of our campaigns have paid for themselves, and you will start to see new business coming in.

Each month, moving forward, we work just as hard as we did during the first three months as we outsmart and out maneuver your competitors who are trying to get to #1 as well.

You will be able to monitor your rankings anytime you want to ensure your campaign is working. We will install a call tracking number for you free of charge so you know exactly how many calls you are getting through your website and our marketing efforts. This way you can see for yourself how much revenue your monthly investment with Nuartisan is making for your business! We want to help you be the market leader on the web that we know you can be!