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PC stands for “Pay Per Click.” Some refer to it as CPC, which stands for “Cost Per Click.” Essentially, you are paying another entity, such as Google, each time a visitor clicks on one of your ads.

Check out some of these statistics on paid online marketing and advertising.

  • – About 50% of all PPC ad clicks are from mobile devices
  • – About 70% of mobile searches a business directly from their phone
  • – The top 2-3 positions of pay-per-click ads get about 40% of the clicks

With the right intelligence behind the wheel, a PPC campaign is almost guaranteed to profit.

This could be a search performed here in Austin, Texas, or for a national term that an Austin-based business wants to target for their e-commerce PPC campaign. These ads can vary a great deal. They could be in the actual search results, similar to the first image.

Banner Ad Example (click to enlarge)

Austin PPC Management Agency

For each visitor that clicks on one of your ads, you will have to pay for it. There are other important variations that might be a good fit for your PPC campaign, and we can help guide you to make the right choice.

What About CPM?lve heard it mentioned before.

CPM (or “Cost Per M”—M is 1,000 in Roman numerals), for example, allows you to show your ad 1,000 times and pay a flat fee, which can be great if your ad is really targeted and visitors like to click on it.

We do not recommend CPM for a business that is new to online marketing as you could end up not having a single person click on the ad, and then you are left paying for an ad that no one has visited.

On the other hand, if we have been testing ads and banners for the past few months that are customized for your business, we know which ones will succeed, and this can be a great way to get new customers!

All this paid traffic can add up quickly when compared to all the free traffic you get with an SEO campaign, which is why most local businesses and even national e-commerce sites use paid traffic to augment their SEO efforts.

This leads to the next question that we hear a lot.

What’s The Difference Between PPC & SEO?

The advantage of running a PPC campaign is that you are guaranteed traffic right away, as soon as the campaign is launched. So if you are in a really competitive industry, such as real estate, it might be easier to invest in paid traffic–such as PPC in Google Adwords–than to invest many months into SEO just to get to a point where your rankings are high enough to finally generate some traffic.

The other advantage with PPC is that you can target prospects for your business that are not using a search engine. You can go where your customers hang out–platforms such as Facebook are a great example.

They often allow you to target demographics you would never have thought possible. Imagine if you knew your perfect customer is a woman aged 30 to 50. That customer is impossible to target through SEO or Google Adwords, but in Facebook we can do it!

PPC Campaigns Unveil Tactics For SEO

Do you know which search terms convert the best for your website? Most people don’t, and this is why PPC is perfect for testing.

You can save a ton of money driving PPC traffic to your website and learning what search terms bring the most qualified traffic, which converts to buyers.

Once you know this, you can take this data and make sure your Austin SEO campaign is 100 percent laser focused on these terms.

PPC Delivers Consistency & Predictability

Perhaps the best reason to incorporate PPC into your new business strategy is the fact that it is very consistent. You know that your price per click will most likely rise each month, but other than that you are guaranteed monthly traffic that should result in new business, which gives you a profitable ROI.

If Google changes its algorithm and you fall in the Austin, Texas, search rankings for a few months, you have something to fall back on. Think of it as diversifying your investments.

Why hire nuartisan for your next pay per click campaign?

We leverage many platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft AdCenter and Google Adwords. We’ll choose the platforms that are the best fit for your business. We aren’t fans of any one platform or strategy.

Our only concern is that your business is making many times the amount of money in revenue than what you invest with us monthly.

We apply all of our SEO and conversion knowledge to create a PPC campaign that is custom tailored to perform like a champ for you.

Landing Page Optimization Expertise

We know what it takes for a page to convert your visitors, and we will help you set up, create or modify your existing landing pages. Whether this is new written copy or a video to help visitors understand why they should choose your business, we will help you to convert them and get new business.

Understanding Conversion Rate Psychology

This is the single most important concept when running a paid traffic campaign. All things being equal, if you are paying the same per click as your competition, and you can convert more of those visitors into buyers, then you will beat the competition.

This also allows you to get your cost per a click down with platforms like Google, and saving thousands of dollars doing this is a huge deal.

The Value of Split Testing

A/B split testing is crucial to a good paid traffic campaign. A/B split testing means you have at least two ads running against each other to see which one gets more clicks, and you can then go with the winner. Rinse and repeat. Much like NuArtisan’s SEO campaign, we work just as hard in month 5 as we do in month 2. We are constantly testing new ad creatives to try and get your conversion rate as high as possible!

Hopefully this helps you to understand the wide range of applications for paid traffic and how it can help your Austin business.

If done right, Pay Per Click marketing can make a ton of money for your company.