National SEO Services

Are you a needle in the haystack?

What good is your website if nobody can find it? Have you asked yourself, “Should I hire an SEO company?” but are unsure of what they can offer? As an SEO company based in Austin, NuArtisan’s unique approach and strategies in SEO will put you ahead of the competition. Hire the top Austin SEO company today.

  • – Over 90% of people looking for a service or product look online
  • – About 30% of all shopping for retail goods is done on a mobile device
  • – About 50% of all searching for local services is done on a mobile device
  • – About 80% of people will click the first link in search results
  • – There is about a 500% difference between position #5 vs position #1 in Google
  • – The importance of having positive reviews has increased about 500% since 2011

What Does an SEO Campaign Look Like?

Below you can see a real example of the traffic as a light SEO campaign was being done for the customer. See the gradual increase as the content of the website is built out and optimization of the keywords of the site takes place over time.

ppc seo example

Advanced Keyword Research

Building an SEO blueprint with effective keyword research is 30% of the work

This is the first step any SEO company should include in an SEO campaign. NuArtisan bases research off Google’s data and your website’s data, if you’ve been tracking it. When running an effective SEO program, approximately 75% of website traffic is from unique keywords. Meaning most traffic comes from more complex key phrases such as “Austin Texas SEO Company” as opposed to just “SEO Company”.

Keyword Mapping & Focus Strategy

The entire website’s content strategy makes a difference.

The most important keywords for your industry are targeted during our SEO campaign. You cannot effectively optimize a website if you’re only focusing on one or two pages. We, as a quality SEO company, ensure that all your pages are having their value and authority improved, not just the homepage. Deciding which keywords are targeted on specific pages of your website is critical to the success of the SEO campaign.

On-Site Content & SEO Optimization

Writing content that attracts attention and inspires interest is key

With a strategy tailored to your specific business by our SEO company, we will implement it across your website. Things such as your title elements, header tags, and content will be modified to ensure all of the marketing we conduct for your website’s SEO gels together.

Google Places/Map Optimization

Social SEO and the important of review has increased over 500% in the past 3 years

In April 2009, Google added the local map feature to the search results page. The algorithm for this is completely different than what is currently used for organic search results. If you’re a business in Austin for instance, then you want to make sure Google and your customers find you on the map when searching “Austin” businesses.

When the industry changes NuArtisan remains an informed SEO company. We ensure that your business center is created and optimized in the first month of our campaign to maximize reputation management strategies and generate top placement for your business.

Cultivate Citations And Company Reviews

Increase your local maps ranking and building confidence in your customers

We include a reputation management strategy in every local SEO campaign we conduct. Google knows what customers are saying about your company, do you?

An SEO company can create assets to encourage your customers to write reviews and testimonials online and place them in locations that matter the most.

Local searches are increasing, allow an SEO company to properly rank your Austin business where Austin residents can find it. This not only affects the likelihood of someone purchasing from you, but will have a dramatic impact on your Google local maps ranking.