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Looking for an Austin web design service to design an intelligent new website, built for mobile devices and desktops; and converts visitors into sales?

The Value Of Having A Quality Website

These days, a website is the storefront of your business, a website can feel like a haunted house on a creepy street corner in the winter that scares visitors away; and a website can make visitors feel like they are walking into luxury castle on a cool spring day.

What Can Having A Quality Website Do For You?

  • – It increases the chance for catching bigger fish; clients that expect quality service and are more likely to pay for it
  • – It decreases the chance that you’ll get ‘bottom line, price haggling, time wasters’
  • – The quality of the site is a factor in SEO and getting found in Google and Bing search engines
  • – It inspires trust and credibility; if you have put this much care into the quality of the website, surely you care about the quality of your service or offering
  • – It reduces call handling times and can reduce sales process times because a quality site is designed with sales psychology, increasing the chance of a ‘sold’ customer before calls are even made

Nuartisan is controlled and operated by a Colorado web design company, and we do high quality seo and design for customers all over the nation.

Below are some examples of sites we have done for other companies and people.

Website Design Example Portfolio

high quality web design austin

Get Excited About Your New Website

Despite all the potential pitfalls of building your new website, it can pay off big in the end if you do it right.

A well-designed and thought out website can promote your business even when you’re not working. It’s like having a salesperson work around the clock, 24/7.

Building A New Website Properly

Features of good website design…

  • Relevant to Target Market – One of the most important things to understand when building a website is that the site should be designed and structured, not for you, but for your potential new customers.This is where a lot of business owners go wrong. Users should know instantly that they’ve landed in the right spot.
  • Content with Keywords Relevant to Your Market – Customers are looking for information that’s useful and relevant to them. Choosing keywords and phrases to use in the content of your website can be trickier than you think.There may be a lot of keywords that relate to your industry, but not all will be relevant to your specific customers, drive traffic to your website, and convert visitors to buyers.
  • Easy to Understand Navigation – Users should be able to easily navigate around a website from any page without having to do a whole lot of thinking.If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll be gone to find a better organized website within seconds. Menu options that are easy to spot and understand keep users from feeling lost and leaving your website all together.
  • Elegant Use of Graphic Elements – Break up large areas of text with pictures, headings, and block quotes. Presenting your business’s information in large blocks of content is like asking a customer to read an instruction manual before they’ve even decided you have something they’re interested in buying.
  • Consistency in Design – Every page should look like it belongs to the site. Elements should repeat and be consistent throughout the site from color schemes and fonts to images and business logos. A cohesive web design establishes professionalism of your business and trust by your customers.

Features to avoid in your website design

  • Funky Color Combinations – Certain colors when paired together can make a site hard to look at. Similarly, poor background color combination can make text difficult or impossible to read.
  • Poor Use of Typography – Avoid text that is too small to read or so large that balance is lost. Avoid using text that crowds the edges of objects or stretches across the entire page. Avoid excessive capitalization, underlines, and bolded words. Please.
  • Overly Complex and Unclear Navigation – It’s better to be clear than clever. There’s a science to creating a navigation system that keeps visitors on your website and leads them to the next action you’d like them to take. Too many categories and unusual titles can frustrate visitors.
  • Distracting Elements and Animations – As cool as they may have seemed in 1999, most animations are distracting and increase the chances of someone leaving your site out of annoyance.

NuArtisan creates affordable and professional websites that help businesses obtain new customers and grow revenue.

Our in-house team of experts in design and web marketing stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective marketing strategies. We are one of the best Austin SEO and design agencies in the greater Austin area.

You can rest easy knowing you’ll have all the right features to create new revenue on your custom website.

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