Proven: Video helps improve conversion rate


Does having a simple video on your website really make that much of a difference? According to Carl Juneau, it does. A recent article from Visual Website Optimizer highlights the results when Juneau added a video on his website to help demonstrate his products. The result? Three split tests proved that videos increased his conversion rate by as much as 46 percent. Here are a few of the tests he ran using Visual Website Optimizer:

#1 A/B Test (Call-to-action)

The first split test used two variations of a call-to-action on his sales page:

• Control: “Next Page Read Sample of Book”
• Variation 1: “Watch Video Preview”
• Variation 2: “Watch my #1 Abs Exercise on Video”

Goal: Click on call-to-action and go to next step
Result: The call-to-actions that mentioned a video significantly increased the number of visitors to reach the sales page. The best performing variation was #1, with an increased conversion rate of 14.18%.

#2 A/B Test (Sales letter)

The second split test used one variation of the sales page:

• Control: Long-form sales letter that has been tweaked over the last two years.
• Variation 1: A one-minute video by Carl that demonstrated his best abdominal exercise. It finished with a call-to-action that directed viewers to the manual and workouts.

Goal: Get user to go to next step of the funnel
Result: The video sales page increased the number of visitors who clicked to the pricing page by 46.15%.

To read about the remainder of the split-test results, check out the Visual Website Optimizer’s article called, Video converts and here is the proof: 46% increase in conversion rate.